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LSS can be implemented in any company and organization to improve processes, reduce waste, and eliminate defects along with variations. However, the results will be shown as long as experts are in charge of the task, which is why Lean Six Sigma consulting services are required often. Organizations that are aiming to implement 6 Sigma among their process improvement methodologies have two options to consider:

  • Rely on experts to build an LSS team within the company and handle the implementation and all projects.
  • Train their own workers in Lean 6 Sigma to build their personal team.

The main problem with the second option is that it takes time to have employees trained in Six Sigma since several levels are required to be able to create, start, and manage projects around it.


Also, it is not only theory or basic training, it also involves experience gained from participating in different tasks during it, especially if the person is working in a company. Lean Six Sigma consultants are the faster and most reliable option if you want to start working on LSS and notice results in a matter of weeks at most.

Our role at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Georgia is to provide you with both options: training for your employees—or you as a particular—but also LSS consultants who can handle the task. Our consultants will focus on having more control over your production and processes, identify problems, solve them, and guarantee you are going through each Lean 6 Sigma phase.

Benefits of Hiring Lean Six Sigma Consultants

First, are you aware of the benefits of implementing Six Sigma in a company? To answer this, you must know this methodology is focused on process improvement but also on identifying and solving problems. Therefore, its approach to improving processes within a company is to understand them, identify the problems but also waste making them less effective and productive, and finding solutions while also planning to eliminate the waste.

Six Sigma is focused on continuous improvement, eliminating defects and variations along with the previous goals. When a company implements it, the final goal will be a continual improvement but gaining more control, reducing waste, and getting rid of any element that affects the company will come with its implementation.

With this clear, the benefit of having Lean 6 Sigma consultants is to guarantee the achievement of these results. The Six Sigma process involves more than identifying problems, waste, and variations. You need a full understanding of the company’s needs, objectives, and how LSS can be integrated into the current processes.

Our consultants will take the task of assessing your company before anything else and go through all the methods included in Lean 6 Sigma to determine what tools need to be used. When having an entire team of qualified experts and professionals, you are certain of achieving the main objectives of Six Sigma:

  • Focus on customers’ requirements.
  • More efficient, effective, and productive processes.
  • Eliminate defects and variations.
  • Reduce waste (defects, overproduction, transportation, and more).
  • Create problem-solving and change the culture within the company.
  • Increase employee involvement.

Is Lean Six Sigma A Waste of Time?

Before deciding to access our Lean Six Sigma consulting services, you need to be clear about how worth it the methodology is for your company. Overall, Six Sigma can be implemented in any organization since there are no specifications about who or where it can be used. As long as the steps are followed and the tools properly used, any company can achieve the results mentioned a few moments ago.

But what worries companies is if it is a waste of time in the long run. The short answer is no, it is not a waste of time. Indeed, Lean 6 Sigma is not absolute and it is possible to fail during its implementation. But the percentage of failure is very low and it depends on how it is implemented and who is in charge of the projects. When working with 6 Sigma, you need to go back for a bit and focus on the benefits that come with its use.

In our experience, it is easier to notice the results and understand why it is a good investment with a practical example. Therefore, let’s focus on this for a bit: An automotive company that manufactures parts and components is asked to manufacture 1 million pieces for a client. Considering the current processes without implementing Lean Six Sigma, the company is able to produce the parts requested, but to obtain a million of them, 500 of them will be disposed of.

Why? Because they do not fulfill the customer’s requirements and a variation—or variations—within the process and production caused the company to obtain different results. 500 out of 1 million seems like nothing, but having similar statistics leads to many losses in the processes. When you take the same example but implement Lean 6 Sigma, you are aiming for a result that consists of 3,4 defects—or pieces that do not meet the customer’s requirements—out of a million.

6 Sigma aims to maintain this number for any type of product and production regardless of the company or business. And it is possible thanks to the focus on reducing waste and eliminating variations while also focusing on what the customer needs to obtain valuable products and services. With this example, it is clear that Sigma is not a waste of your time but it indeed requires time if you want to notice the results.

How We Help You with 6 Sigma

If you want results, our Lean 6 Sigma consultants will be the answer. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Georgia, our main goal is to help you achieve all the positive results and changes in your company. For it, we have well-trained and experienced consultants who will handle the implementation of the methodology by building a team of experts and starting projects.

You will have yellow, green, and black belt experts working on your company. All you need to do to access our service is to call or email us to request the Lean Six Sigma consulting option in specific.


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