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What is Lean Six Sigma in Georgia?

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Companies and people that are considering introducing themselves to the methodology need to answer one main question before anything else: what is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean 6 Sigma involves several methods, tools, principles, objectives, and concepts that are important to understand in order to work with it and implement it in a company. Since the methodology can be implemented in any type of company no matter its size, a full understanding of the tools but also the needs and objectives of the company in question is essential.

LSS Georgia-What Is Lean Six Sigma

Those that are very new to LSS and do not know the basics will need to start with an introduction and the first level of training. For this, our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Georgia will provide you with all the steps and information to learn and understand what is Lean 6 Sigma and how it is used and integrated into a business.

We will not only focus on the basic concepts and principles but also provide you with an overview of how it is implemented and truly helps companies. Therefore, expect essential information, the principles of 6 Sigma, its main tools, and your role as a Lean 6 Sigma expert who gets trained.

What Is Lean?

In order to understand what the entire Lean 6 Sigma methodology involves; you must know the basic aspect of it: two methods were combined to create it. The first one is ‘Lean’ and focuses on eliminating waste from processes in order to make them faster, more efficient, and productive. Before being able to eliminate waste, the tools and principles included in Lean allow the company to identify it within the processes.

In order words, you use Lean to have a good idea of how your processes take place, their steps, and the waste present in the entire production cycle. This method alone includes several tools and methods to measure and deal with the waste in the company overall and help businesses to achieve process improvement.

But what is considered ‘waste’ for Lean?

Anything that interferes with the processes or makes them slower and less productive is considered to be part of waste within the company. Therefore, you have to identify and get rid of:

  • Defects.
  • Over-production.
  • Waiting.
  • Unused talent.
  • Transportation—unnecessary.
  • Inventory.
  • Mobility.

What Is Six Sigma?

The second method that builds the main methodology is called Six Sigma, and it is the part that focuses on solving problems but also eliminating variations in the processes to obtain the desired results—products and services—more efficiently. The main objective of 6 Sigma is to reduce variations and defects, which will lead to process improvement and increase in performance.

For this, the method includes different tools, being DMAIC the main one that also establishes the steps and phases during its implementation. DMAIC is the acronym where each letter represents a step:

  • Define the customers’ requirements, objectives of the project, and the problems affecting the company.
  • Measure all your current processes and collect data about the company’s performance and variability.
  • Analyze the cause of the issues/problems and the source of the variations.
  • Improve processes by addressing and eliminating problems and their causes.
  • Control the company’s performance and maintain changes by developing plans.

How Does Lean Six Sigma Work?

Since the idea is to combine the previous methods, you can have an idea of how it works. The entire LSS methodology has the same objectives of reducing waste, eliminating variations and defects, while also dealing with issues within processes. However, the main focus is to achieve a problem-solving culture in order to not only solve the current ones but also prevent future problems.

Lean 6 Sigma focuses on achieving continuous improvement as well, and although there are tools and a structure you can follow, being able to go for the desired results will depend on the company where it is being implemented as well. Now, the methodology has 5 principles individuals and companies can keep in mind in order to understand how it works and how it is able to bring benefits.

Our role at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Georgia is to teach you everything about these principles and the main aspects and elements of Lean and 6 Sigma individually.

During this process, you will have a full understanding of how LSS works and how it is a benefit for your company or personal career. For now, we want you to know the principles so you have a base once you decide to start your learning phase with us:

  1. Focus on customers’ requirements: processes will follow customers’ needs and requirements which will help you to establish a better-quality standard and reduce variations since you are aiming to obtain valuable products and services to satisfy your customers.
  2. Identify problems: the focus is simple, assess your processes and make sure you find all the problems affecting them in order to address every single one later on.  
  3. Eliminate variations: start finding solutions for the problems identified and cause variations in the processes. Eliminating defects and reduce variability will come naturally.
  4. Employee involvement: you want the workers from the company to be more involved in each step and process as well as build a reliable and well-versed team to handle LSS projects.

Flexibility, change, and continuous improvement: Lean 6 Sigma involves many changes in a small or large company. You need to build the culture and make the company more flexible to be able to achieve the desired results.

How Do We Help You?

Besides providing you with all the information about 6 Sigma, we have made sure to include online courses and training that will be useful for your employees to be well-versed in LSS. Or you, as a professional or individual that wants to learn about it, can also access all the required training and preparation.

We will help you to understand every aspect of the methodology and our goal is to guarantee you are able to work with any company in the future. Just contact us and our experts will deliver the best Lean 6 Sigma training, course, or extra services that will cover your needs.


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